Beetroot Juice

One of the major new trends that is turning heads in both the health world and the athletic community is the consumption of beetroot juice. Made from the popular vegetable, this juice is both organic and healthy. It also has some amazing properties that allow it to enhance athletic ability in a completely natural way. A look at the benefits of this remarkable juice as well as its health and athletic benefits is presented in full detail below.

What does it Taste Like?

There is always a tendency for people to be nervous about trying new things, but fortunately the juice from beetroots is an easy taste to get used to. Simply put, if you enjoy the taste of beets, you will enjoy the taste of the juice. Beets contain natural sugars, meaning that they do not get very bitter when juiced. The beverage itself is very good for the liver but should not be consumed on an empty stomach. In Europe, aficionados of this drink mix it with sour cream or plain yogurt which turns the beverage into a delicious morning snack. If you are used to very sugary drinks like sodas and sweetened juices, this drink might take a little getting used to. However, the health benefits make it worth acquiring this taste.

Nutrition and Fitness Information

Beetroot juice is one of the most nutritious beverages you can find out there today. A glass of this juice without anything added to it has approximately 110 calories per eight ounces. Because of the sugar content of beets, there are 26 grams of carbohydrates in a typical serving. This sugar is all natural and not processed, so it is among the best kinds of carbohydrates you can take in. The carbs will give you a boost in energy that is easily burned off with even moderate exercise, which helps you avoid weight gain associated with the beverage. Because of the way the juice boosts energy and the antioxidant level in beets, athletes are adding this to their diets to give themselves a natural advantage.

Other Ways to Enjoy the Beetroot

As with any food that is both natural and healthy, many companies have tried to tap into the nutritional value of beetroot juice through supplements such as pills and bars. You can find organic beetroot in capsule form in some health stores with prices generally wavering between $10 and $15 for a bottle. While taking these can be good for you, actually drinking the juice is better. Not only is some of the nutrition lost in capsule form, but you do not get to enjoy the taste. Additionally, actually drinking the juice is a better for you while exercising since it allows you to hydrate and can even be added to water if desired. Beetroot capsules are definitely good for you, but they are not a full substitute for the juice itself.

If you are an athlete looking for a natural energy booster to get you through a busy day, or even if you are just curious about what it tastes like, you should give beetroot a try. The benefits are massive, and the juice can be combined with many different foods to make a healthy meal or delicious snack.